Angel investor Asha Motwani launches fellowship for Indian startups

Silicon Valley venture capitalist Asha Jadeja Motwani has launched an annual fellow ship programme, Rajeev Circle Fellowship, to enable Indian entrepreneurs to visit and connect with entrepreneurs, mentors and seed investors in Silicon Valley in the US.

Asha is helping us set up the Rajeev Circle corridor for startups to move to and fro from India to the heart of Silicon Valley. It will give exposure to young startups in our country to the best in the Valley, besides access to angel investors and their perspectives on how to build global product startups.
— Startup Village chief mentor Kris Gopalakrishnan

A serial investor, Asha has invested in over 75 startups in Silicon Valley. She is now focusing on Indian startups.

I met several bright young entrepreneurs in India pursuing excellent ideas and experiments but they don’t get the kind of mentoring horsepower that is so common and abundant in Silicon Valley. Unless the entrepreneurs understand the culture, the walk, and the talk of Silicon Valley, serious dialogue was unlikely to emerge.
— Asha

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