Late IITian's wife donates $1.5 million to IIT-K

The authorities of IIT-Kanpur announced on Friday that $ 1.5 million has been donated by Asha Jadeja Motwani, wife of late Rajeev Motwani and their daughters on the occasion of his 49th birth anniversary on March 24. 

It will be a six-storey building with a floor area of 3,650 square metres and have a 200-seat classroom, 22 offices for faculty members and 17 labs. 

The IIT-Kanpur authorities said that Rajeev possessed the rare genius of using the most abstract theories to solve practical problems. For example, he made use of his expertise in randomised algorithms in building a drug design system for Pfizer. He was an evangelist of innovation and entrepreneurship. Rajiv was a mentor of a large number of start-ups of the last decade in the Silicon Valley, including Google. He authored the key Google algorithms with his students Sergey Brin and Larry Page and continued monitoring the company, years after it became a giant of the internet world. His student Sergey Brin once said: "If Rajeev had not been there, chances are, there would be no Google today." 

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