A powerful platform for those who want to put their work and talents on display. Makerfest is melting pot of innovation and an opportunity for enthusiasts of all kinds to collaborate, share and celebrate on their findings and creations. It is the largest gathering of Makers from all across the nation and is not just another technology event, but a global social movement where anyone who creates and innovates has a chance to showcase, collaborate, form community and dream about making our world a better place, with our inventions, ideas and network. Ultimately, our goal is to monumentalize the learning and exploration of making something new using the already established.

MakerFest 2015

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Rajeev Circle

Rajeev Circle is a volunteer group started by late Prof Rajeev Motwani’s friends and family in 2009. The group’s mission is to help create and mentor technology entrepreneurs for building the next generation web. The group has roughly 300 members from Stanford University, UC Berkeley, MIT, Google, and various portfolio companies Rajeev and his wife Asha Jadeja have funded over the last 12 years. The extended group meets roughly once every 2 months.




FabLabs in India are about forming a cultural foundation which will make personal passion -- in whatever field (art, design, engineering, social work, etc)-- the driving force behind someone's life. We see this culture -- and its dividends -- in places like the Silicon Valley, MIT, etc. and we need these types of environments here in India. 

In the long term, these facilities fit into the changing nature of how we relate to the things around us. In the not to distant future, a farmer will be able to customize his own tractor to his needs, order it on a smart phone, and a local manufacturer will make it and deliver it to him. Additionally, the farmer will be able to come to a FabLab and make custom parts for himself. This might grow into a booming, international business where parts are not made in a central factory in China, but are made at local FabLabs. Modes of design, production, consumption, and disposal are all changing. Through FabLabs, India can be on the forefront of this new epoch, rather than react after other nations have retooled their systems. 

A place to make (almost) anything with nearly everyone

FabLab is a design oriented lab with a creative engine. It is an opportunity for anyone to learn, collaborate, design and build while leveraging state of the art technological tools and resources. These labs will be located within the local schools, communities and universities, and will ultimately bridge the gap between innovators and their creations. This platform is where people from all backgrounds and skill levels can work together to innovate their ideas, tackle community/local issues, apply class learnings to projects, and more! Furthermore, FabLab is focused on design thinking that goes beyond STEM skills. While our primary design work might be engineering and design based, we want to take innovation to the next level and incorporate concepts that include designing for medicine/biology, social science, business/economics, agriculture, music, theatre, sports, entertainment and more. Stay tuned as more exciting opportunities are coming to our labs! And if there are technologies, project idea’s or products you think we should be paying attention to, please reach out to us!


Rajeev Circle Fellowship

RC Fellowship is designed to create, mentor and empower young entrepreneurs from the developing world and have them be linked closely to the Silicon Valley in California. We believe that the Valley will be a significant force in unleashing the creative potential of entrepreneurs from places where innovation may not have a strong support system. We immerse our Fellows (who we might call warriors soon) in the Valley and set them up with a permanent location in the Bay Area. They leave after their 2 to 3 week Fellowship empowered and confident in the knowledge that they now have “family” in bay area. They will be supported by our volunteer Rajeev Circle group in every regard – regular video meetings, business plan polishing, connecting to VC and angel friends, future visits, and advice on exit options.

Our dream is to spark off disruptive ideas, activities and technologies through our entrepreneurs and have a massive impact on problems in the developing world.

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Vikas Gruh Girls High School
Paldi, Ahmedabad, India

School in the Cloud is dedicated to providing children and students around the globe with a support system to grow and learn. We are focused on building partnerships that will bring students the necessary infrastructure, technological tools, resources and curriculum to drive each individual to a successful and happy lifestyle. Our primary focus is aimed at public schools, orphanages and raising funds for the building of schools in developing pockets of the world.

Once the institution is in place, we take it upon ourselves to fill them with the necessary fundamentals, philosophies, technologies and resources for our students to succeed. Our educational approach is rooted in design thinking and application concepts so students are able to physically see and build as they learn. We believe it is critical for our students to imagine, learn, apply and share as they continue to build their skills.

The Faces of Vikas Gruh

Follow School in the Cloud!

Follow School in the Cloud!


Venture Capital Portfolio


Impact Portfolio

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Asha is available for speaking engagements, and shares her knowledge across the globe. Below are some of her recent keynotes, speeches, and interviews.

DLD Tel Aviv

Asha Spoke at the Tachana Compound in Tel-Aviv- Yafo, on the 8th -9th of  September, 2015.

The DLD Tel Aviv Innovation Conference took place this fall for the fifth time. DLD Tel Aviv Innovation Conference brought startups & entrepreneurs, Investors, Angels VC’S and Hi -Tech companies together for an event of interaction and networking. In addition the festival hosted tens of co- events held by multinational companies, as well as Israeli companies and organizations. Among the events partners were AOL, Amdocs, Amazon, Bank Leumi, Google, IBM, Intel, Microsoft, Municipality of Tel Aviv, LivePerson, Rhodium, PwC, The Israeli Game Developers' Association -GameIS.