Rajeev Circle Fellowship

RC Fellowship is designed to create, mentor and empower young entrepreneurs from the developing world and have them be linked closely to the Silicon Valley in California. We believe that the Valley will be a significant force in unleashing the creative potential of entrepreneurs from places where innovation may not have a strong support system. We immerse our Fellows (who we might call warriors soon) in the Valley and set them up with a permanent location in the Bay Area. They leave after their 2 to 3 week Fellowship empowered and confident in the knowledge that they now have “family” in bay area. They will be supported by our volunteer Rajeev Circle group in every regard – regular video meetings, business plan polishing, connecting to VC and angel friends, future visits, and advice on exit options.

Our dream is to spark off disruptive ideas, activities and technologies through our entrepreneurs and have a massive impact on problems in the developing world.