Asha Jadeja Motwani

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Disrupting Status Quo with Technology Driven Interventions and Enabling Exponential Change.

Asha Jadeja is an entrepreneur, investor and philanthropist based in Palo Alto, California. In her long career as a venture capitalist, Asha has invested in over a 100 startups some of which have gone on to become public companies.

Asha initiated the spread of the maker movement and maker hubs in Africa in 2010 and later in India, Pakistan, and Brazil. Makerfest is a three day event that brings local makers together for a week of collaborations and co-inventing.

Asha is also creating a network of Fablabs around the world to help spark off distributed manufacturing using just in time creation, tinkering and deliveries.

Through Rajeev Circle Fellowship, Asha is developing a dynamic corridor of entrepreneurship, collaboration and community between Silicon Valley and South Asia.

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MJF supports the maker movement, non-formal education, and women’s livelihood.
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